You got lost in pursuing your goal? I guess you were working so hard, you lost sight of that goal. 

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Love is a fragile thing -

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Hirunaka no Ryuusei chapter 72 preview:

Soon, summer vacation! For some reason, Mamura’s appearence/manner is different. What will Suzume do? Chapter will also have a colored coverpage. 

(please note that there can be some mistakes in translation’s wording)

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Free! Eternal Summer Episode 2 — Reigisa

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Makoto shifting from sweet to menacing in no time at all

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That looks hard to manage by yourself. Your friends-in-name only didn’t help you, I guess?
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Makoto stopped Haru before he got the chance to jump into the pool amazing
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Ugh, too sweet.
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Ah. His shirt had hints of cologne.

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